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What To Expect:
- A 1 hour comprehensive initial evaluation to assess joint range of motion, flexibility, strength, gait and posture, and the biomechanics of your movement patterns.

- Video analysis of running, walking and sports specific movements is performed if needed, to help identify faulty biomechanics.

- From this evaluation we will generate a highly detailed treatment program including a comprehensive home exercise program.

Follow-up visits are 45 minutes, one –on- one sessions focusing on hands on manual therapy, including: joint mobilization, myofascial/deep tissue release, and assisted stretching, as well as pain management, movement and posture re-education and specific muscle strengthening exercises.

Through Robin’s PhD work in Movement Science, she has become a movement analysis specialist. She will analyze your movement, identify and correct faulty movement patterns, and most importantly educate you in how to maintain this on your own.

Sports/Dance Rehabilitation
Sports Rehabilitation is the restoration of optimal form and function for an athlete through recovery of flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and co-ordination. We will take you from the initial recovery process all the way through to a detailed sports specific return to sports program. We work with a broad spectrum of performance levels, from the casual exerciser, to the recreational and competitive athlete.

Dance Rehabilitation: 9 years of working with The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries while at The Hospital for Joint Diseases has provided Robin with excellent exposure to the treatment of dancers.

Some of the more common sports injuries we treat are:

- anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears
- tennis and golfers elbow
- stress fractures
- knee meniscus tears
- patellofemoral pain
- rotator cuff tears and impingements
- shoulder dislocations and instability
- cartilage/labral tears of the shoulder and hip
- achilles tendon ruptures
- ankle sprains
- tendonitis/bursitis
- overuse injuries for cyclists, runners, swimmers, tennis players, baseball, golfers and more

Post-surgical Rehabilitation:

During 15 years of work at The Hospital for Special Surgery and Hospital for Joint Diseases, Robin has had the unique opportunity to go to the operating room and observe dozens of orthopaedic and sports surgeries. This means that she truely understands the specifics of your surgery and how to safely rehab you. In fact, while at the hospitals, Robin coordinated directly with the surgeons to develop many of the post-surgical rehabilitation protocols that are used today.

General Orthopaedic Rehabilitation:

Expert care is provided for general orthopaedic diagnoses including:

- total joint replacements for the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and elbow
- fractures
- osteoarthritis
- osteoporosis
- balance and gait disorders
- rotator cuff problems
- patellofemoral pain
- frozen shoulder
- tendonitis and bursitis.

Spinal Rehabilitation:

Treatment of the spine takes a special expertise. I have taken over 150 hours of advanced course work in lumbar stabilization training, soft tissue release, spinal mobilization, postural and movement re-education and ergonomic work place assessments. Your treatment will address pain management in the acute phase of your injury to teaching you the life long skills you will need to prevent your pain from coming back. Common spinal diagnoses treated include:

- herniated discs of the neck and low back
- pinched nerves
- sacroiliac dysfunction
- sciatica
- mechanical low back and neck pain
- spondylolisthesis
- degenerative disc disease
- spinal stenosis
- scoliosis


We accept Medicare and work with most major insurance PPO plans. Our staff take care of all of the paper work, they will verify your coverage and electronically bill your insurance company for reimbursement.